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The Feeling

There is nothing like the feeling of
high-quality cashmere.

Arela Cashmere Self Portrait Story
by Vivienne Rohner

High-quality cashmere consists solely of the softest, finest underhair of the cashmere goat. It is not blended with coarser cashmere fibers, other wools or synthetic materials. When we say cashmere sweater, we mean it. Made from true pure cashmere. Cashmere has remarkable qualities – it is warm yet breathable, does not itch, and can be spun into the softest, lightest yarn. Since our beginning, cashmere has been the very core of Arela. It is natural, highly functional, and can be produced sustainably. When made of high-quality yarn, cashmere knits require minimal washing and with proper care, last for decades.

Wash less

Our aim is to produce garments that stand the test of time. All our cashmere knits are designed to be functional, pleasant to wear and to take wear, care and washes, years and years to come. A huge part of clothing industry’s impact on the environment comes from the use of garments. Clothes are used for too short period and washed too much. Simply wearing a garment longer is a significant way to lessen its impact on nature. We encourage you to think twice before washing. These high-quality knits do not require washing after 10 uses, let alone after one. Just air it properly, remove pilling if needed and it is good to go. You will know the time has come, when the knit does not feel as soft anymore.  Arela knits can be washed in a machine – just use a wool program, cool water and suitable detergent like Arela knitwear wash.

Exquisite natural resource

Cashmere is a natural wool fiber, collected from cashmere goats. The goats grow a soft underhair to keep them warm during the winter, and in the springtime this fiber is collected by combing process. The amount of cashmere needed for one sweater takes for one goat 4 years to produce. Our aim is to value this rare, fine material by making clothes that are not only beautiful but functional and long-lasting, both when it comes to style and quality. We do our best to ensure that no cashmere yarn is wasted during our production process and use ethically sourced cashmere material from Northern China and Mongolia.