Collection: Arela x Ilari Hautamäki


Artistic Collaboration 2020 – limited edition

Great things happen when clothing meets art! Arela has teamed up with visual artist Ilari Hautamäki for the t-shirt collaboration. Tom t-shirts made from mid-weight cotton jersey now features colourful artworks: Solar and Ocean.


Ilari Hautamäki (b. 1983) is a Helsinki based visual artist. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki, in 2011 and has since shown actively in solo and group exhibitions. In his semi-abstract paintings he combines organic and industrial elements. He starts his work with a fast and intuitive act which follows up a careful and planed painting process. In the end, the foundation of his work is the basic elements of painting: colours, shapes and rhythm.

”For me, beauty means balance, brightness and harmony. It can also be something momentary and transient, like a flowering tree or morning glow.” – Ilari Hautamäki, 2020.

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