Arela Sunday

Home Collection made of 100% undyed cashmere

The Arela Sunday collection is designed for pleasant and comfortable home life, and to bring a homelike atmosphere outside the home, too. The collection is continuous in nature and not tied to passing seasons. The base of the collection are our well known, trusted classics, some are completely new homewear pieces.

The material is undyed 100% cashmere wool. Because the yarn is not dyed, even less water and chemicals are used in the production process than in traditional cashmere yarn production. As a result, the Sunday pieces are even softer than our other cashmere pieces. The colour palette is in muted shades of brown and grey, like the cashmere goats the fibre comes from.

In the first phase, collection consists of morning robe, hoodie, tunic, shawl, lounge socks, arm warmers and a baby's blanket. All 100% cashmere. See in shop here »


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