Spring Summer 2017

Spring Summer 2017

The Beauty of the Almost

'The Beauty of the Almost" explores the contrast between the imagined and the real. One major inspiration for the collection has been the filmography of Eric Rohmer: their mise-en-scène with the muted yet juicy colours and well-worn, simple clothes, natural acting style and lengthy conversations. Rohmer perfectly captures the hopes, desires and failures that construct the essence of our daily lives – how the things we say so often differs from the things we do. In this lookbook the clothes/outfits engage in a conversation with the artworks by Kirsti Tuokko adding another, a rather cinematic layer to the images.

The materials picked for the collection are lightweight merino-cashmere knit, cotton sateen, cotton jersey and embroidered eyelet cotton.

"Everybody knows deep down that life is as much about the things that do not happen as the things that do and that's not something that ought to be glossed over or denied because without frustration there would hardly be any need to daydream."
Claire-Louise Bennett, Pond

Artworks by Kirsti Tuokko


  • lightweight merino-cashmere knit
  • embroidered eyelet cotton
  • cotton sateen with a hint of sheen
  • durable cotton jersey

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