A wardrobe staple: our effortless t-shirt with considered design in soft, durable cotton.

Kim t-shirt was born out of our designer Anni’s desire to create the perfect t-shirt – with just the right fit, bodice length, neckline, sleeve length and pleasant material. A t-shirt that would take wearing and washing (and not show what is underneath).

Kim has become a trusted wardrobe basic among many, and in 2017 its brother Tom was introduced – a classic boxy t-shirt that suits both men and women, made of the same durable material.

Three Great Fits


Straight shape, slim fit, short sleeves and wide neckline. Popular among women.


A relaxed t-shirt for women who like to have it not too tight or not too loose. Created to fit for a fuller bust too.


Straight shape, classic fit, regular sleeves and classic crew neck. Popular among men and women.

The Material

The type of cotton fabric we have chosen for our t-shirts is a result of years of research and technical innovation. The soft cotton with long, durable fibers is produced in a special way with no harmful chemicals or enzymes used. The production process uses less water and energy compared to traditional cotton production process.

The unique production process results in breathable, moisture-wicking cotton that feels dryer in use compared to other cottons. A small amount of elastane is blended with the cotton fibers to make the shirt as long-lasting as possible and help keep its shape.

Choose yours

Our T-shirts come in several colours as well. Wear it as a fresh, moisture-wicking base or on its own on warmer days. Find your favourites in our shop.