Take Back

Bring back your used Arela knit & get 20% off

As a way of taking responsibility of our knits till the very end, we take back all used Arela (and Arelalizza) knits. In return, you get 20% off a new (or new to you) product. 

Please note that we take back knits in any condition. 
We wash and mend all returned pieces and either resell them as second hand or use them as material for repairs and recycled products.

The natural high quality materials used for our garments are precious, and it's extremely important for us that any of it won't go to waste. In Arela we are striving for a truly closed loop fashion.

Arela cashmere care service

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We take it back 

  • Bring your knit(s) to Arela Store, Uudenmaankatu 7, Helsinki
  • For shipping the knit(s), contact us care@arelastudio.com or +358 50 302 0099
  • In return, you get 20% off a new (or new to you) product
  • You will get one coupon per one knit


20% off everything

  • Please note that 20% off coupon can be used on any regular priced Arela product (also second hand). It cannot be used on sale items.
  • The coupon is valid for one year.



Arela For Good – sustainability concept

For Good is a concept of products, services and events that aims to

1. Lengthen the life of garments by increasing awareness of clothing materials and maintenance.

2. Discuss the significance of the clothing and consumption choices we make.

Learn more about For Good here.