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Arela is a clothing brand focused on cashmere knitwear and cotton basics. Born in 2006 of designer Maija Arela's desire to create contemporary cashmere knitwear, Arela is now run by Maija and her two daughters, Aalto university alumn, head designer Anni Arela and head of communications Viivi Arela.

Considered colours, functionality and effortless elegance are the defining elements of our work. Thanks to our loyal customer base, we have gained a true understanding of the needs of different ages and body shapes. We do not design the clothes for a particular woman or man, but rather to all people unified by a certain minimalist sensibility.

We use only the best natural materials and pride ourselves on the durability of our garments. Collections are produced in skilled hands of trusted professionals in Nepal, Latvia, China and Finland.

We think it's extremely important to take responsibility for the customer and product even after purchase, and offer a unique care service for our knits.

Contact us

General inquiries
+358 10 2398688
CEO Maija Arela
+358 50 5979987
Head DesignerAnni Arela
+358 44 7590493
Marketing & Communications Viivi Arela
+358 40 8385376
Sales Hanna Kääriäinen
+358 50 4075222