Autumn Winter 2016

Autumn Winter 2016

Bluets & Rust

The Arela autumn-winter 2016 collection 'Bluets and Rust' tells stories about long lost loves, lifelong companionships and the fleeting yet beautiful nature of human emotions. The pieces echo the silhouettes of the early 1970s with their loose and functional cuts. Streetscape of brownstone buildings, sandy roads and rusty railways can be found in the colour palette as well as the bright blue of clear September day and the soft, dark blue of October night. Bluets signal eternity and persistence – whereas rust implies that no matter how strong a connection, an emotion, it may fade with time.

Inspired by Maggie Nelson and Joan Baez


  • 100% cashmere in soft, durable jersey
  • 100% merino wool in exquisite, supple milano knit

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