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A Way of Thinking 

We think that clothes should last – style-wise and time-wise. As we use the best, exquisite natural materials for our clothes, we find it extremely important to take responsibility for our products long after they have left our stores. That is why we created For Good.

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For Good is a concept of products, services and events that aims to

  1. Lengthen the life of garments by increasing awareness of clothing materials and maintenance
  2. Discuss the significance of the clothing and consumption choices we make

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What is Arela For Good?

  • It is about sustainability in all we do.
  • It is about the way we design every piece we produce so that no material is wasted. So that the garments can take the wear of everyday life. 
  • It is about how we choose our materials so that they are long-lasting, durable, and pleasant to wear. 
  • It is about how we listen to our customers to produce clothes they really want, need and use. 
  • It is about how we teach about cashmere care and offer care service for our knits. 
  • It is about how we mend holes and make all kinds of alterations to our customers garments to make sure they stay in use as long as possible. 
  • It is about how we take back garments that still have wear in them, mend them and re-sell them as Arela 2nd hand. 
  • It is about how we take back our garments when they are completely used, and re-use the material to make new products. 
  • It is about how we ship our webshop orders in reusable Repack-packages.
  • It is about how we never try to get our customers to buy just for the sake of buying. We only want them to buy what they really love, and consider their purchases. To ensure that the garments stay in use as long as possible. 
  • It is about how we do not compete with price, how we never push the prices of our products below their production costs. That is the only way we can keep our business running and keep on producing high-quality products. 
  • It is about how we choose work with a small factory in Nepal that is run by a young woman, a company that employs students to help them pay for their education. A company with the know-how and skills to produce excellent cashmere knits for us. And that way we can do our bit to help their economy grow. 
  • It is about how we engage in conversation about clothes, clothing choices and how they shape our lives and identities. 
  • It is about how we concentrate in the things we know best. 
  • We are not perfect, far from it. But we are trying to do everything as good as we can, and we are trying to get better. 



For Good Take Back – in February we take back you used Arela knits in our stores. More info here