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Holiday Season

Coping with gift-giving anxiety
with Tiia & Anna

Tiia and Anna are friends and colleagues who host a popular podcast Kaverin puolesta kyselen (Asking For a Friend), which is one of the most loved podcasts in Finland. The pair published a book this fall, a collection of short stories about all the awkward situations their friends (ahem) have encountered throughout the years.

What is your favourite thing
during this time of the year?

Wintertime can be a bit dark and lonely, but it is also one of our favorite party seasons. It’s got the best of both worlds, really: you can cover yourself in glitter and paint the town red or stay at home and cosy up with a nice book (maybe ours) and a mugful (or three) of mulled wine.

Your best tip for a
stress-free holiday season?

Easy. Stop stressing out! Although honestly we know it’s not that easy. But you might survive it better if you accept that ’tis the season to be stressed out, so at least you don’t stress out about stressing out. Or so we’ve heard from friends. 

There can be many awkward social dynamics in gift giving – any tips for coping with those?

We are very familiar with those. Or actually what we mean is that some of our friends are... about how to act when someone’s given you a present and you don’t have one for them, or you end up giving someone something very awkward. The best tip to coping with anything, really, is to be able to laugh at yourself. It’s the thought that counts, as they say, and if your thoughts are filled with good will and sympathy – especially towards yourself – that’s a great start

What is the best
Christmas gift you have ever received?


This is going to sound like a paid comment, but I swear it’s not. I practically live in my Arela Haru robe I got last Christmas. I never wear anything else at home. It’s luxurious and homey all at once.


Ohh, sounds perfect! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get it from a friend this Christmas… Tiia?

You can listen to Tiia & Anna's podcast here: and via all the relevant apps. Kaverin puolesta kyselen book available in all good book stores and of course in Arela Garden.

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