Knitwear care

Cashmere and merino are delicate materials, but when taken properly care of, they will last for years. Knits may pill over time, especially when the knit is new. Pilling is easily removed without damaging the knit with cashmere comb. Cashmere and merino knits do not need frequent washing, but airing after every use helps to keep them fresh.

Arela cashmere care service

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Daily maintenance tips

  • Comb with cashmere comb to remove pilling when needed
  • Steam to finish after using a comb
  • Let the knit rest every once in a while, do not wear the same knit everyday
  • Air between uses
  • Store folded

Washing instructions

  • You can wash Arela knits by hand or in a machine
  • Use wool detergent
  • Wash in cold water
  • Put the knit in a laundry bag
  • Use the wool program
  • No spinning or tumble drying
  • Wrap the wet knit in a towel and press to remove excess moisture
  • Dry on a flat rack, avoid direct sunlight
  • Steam to finish


Care service

We offer knitwear care service for Arela knits in our stores. Basic care service includes washing, de-pilling and steaming and costs 35€/knit. If hole mending or seam repairing is needed, our staff will examine your knits when you bring them over and estimate the additional cost of repairs. For more info, visit our stores, send email to or call +358 50 302 0099.


Arela For Good – sustainability concept

For Good is a concept of products, services and events that aims to

1. Lengthen the life of garments by increasing awareness of clothing materials and maintenance.

2. Discuss the significance of the clothing and consumption choices we make.

Learn more about For Good here.