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The story of Arela began when Maija fell in love with cashmere in Paris in 2006. Her first collection was launched in 2007, and since that day, cashmere has been the core of Arela.

Cashmere has superb qualities – it is warm yet breathable, does not itch, and can be spun into the softest, lightest yarn. Cashmere is a natural wool fiber, collected from cashmere goats that live in the rough plains in Asia. The goats grow a soft underhair to keep them warm during the winter, and in the springtime this fiber is collected by combing the goat. The amount of cashmere needed for one sweater takes for one goat 4 years to produce.

Our aim is to value this rare, fine material by making clothes that are not only beautiful but functional and long-lasting, both when it comes to style and quality. We do our best to ensure that no cashmere yarn is wasted during our production process. We use ethically sourced cashmere material from Northern China. Cashmere goats are not harmed during the collecting process. Our cashmere knits are made in Nepal in the skillfull hands of out trusted partner to ensure the best quality and long-lasting wear.


All the materials we use are chosen in the same manner as cashmere – to meet our high quality standards of durability, wearability, sustainability and pleasure. All the wool yarns and fabrics we use are biodegradable, except cotton blends that have elastane in them.


We introduced our first cotton products in summer 2014. The cotton we use comes from Turkey, and is Aegean sea cotton, known for its softness and long, durable fibers. We use both regular and GOTS certified organic cotton, depending on the product and its use to make sure we always have most suitable and long-lasting material for each product.

Our cotton products are cut and sewn in Estonia.


Merino is an excellent fine wool fiber that can be knit into lightweight, smooth knits. Merino knits feel silky and smooth to the touch. It has great warmth regulating, breathable qualities and works well for layering and can be worn throughout the year.

Merino wool we use comes from Italy and is mulesing free super fine merino. The knitting is done in Nepal by our trusted partner.


Linen is the newest member of our material family, but as a fiber, it has been used in garments for thousands of years. Linen is made from the flax plant, that can be used for various purposes, such as food, paper and maintenance products. Linen has a pleasant, textured look with slight sheen, and is warmth regulating, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the the winter. Linen fibers are very strong and resistant to mould. Linen also has relatively low impact on the environment and can be grown without strong chemicals. The whole plant can be used by different industries, so that there is no waste.

Our linen comes from and is sewn into clothes in Lithuania.