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The story of Arela began when Maija fell in love with cashmere in Paris on one of her yearly trips in 2006. Cashmere has superb qualities unlike any other fiber – it is warm yet breathable, does not itch, and can be spun into the lightest, thinnest, silkiest yarn.

Cashmere is a natural wool fiber, collected from cashmere goats that live in the rough plains in Asia. Cashmere goats grow a soft underhair to keep them warm during the winter, and in the springtime this fiber is collected by combing the goat by hand. The amount of cashmere needed for one sweater takes for one goat 4 years to produce. Our aim is to respect this rare, fine material by making clothes that are functional and long-lasting both stylewise and qualitywise. We work hard to ensure that no cashmere yarn is wasted during our production process.

We use ethically sourced cashmere material from Northern China. Cashmere goats are not harmed during the collecting process. Our cashmere knits are made in Nepal and China in the skillfull hands of seasoned specialists to ensure the best quality and long-lasting wear.


We introduced our first cotton products in summer 2014 to accompany the cashmere especially during summertime. Most of the cotton we use comes from Turkey, and is so called Aegean sea cotton that is known for its softness and long, durable fibers. Our cotton products are cut and sewn in Latvia.


Newest member in our material family, merino wool, comes from Australia and is mulesing free super fine merino. Our merino knits are produced in China by our trusted partner with extreme skill and precision. 

In our merino collection we use milano knit technique to create simple, elegant pieces for your everyday. Milano knitting is a double knit technique that results in smooth, sturdy knit and enables the so called clean edges, in other words, hems and openings do not have to be finished with traditional hemmings. Milano knit pieces have a put-together, modern, tailored look.