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We use only the best natural materials and pride ourselves on the durability of our garments.

Nepal (Cashmere, merino)

All of the merino products and some of the cashmere products are produced in a small factory located in Kathmandu in Nepal. This factory has been our trusted partner since 2014. We find it very important and valuable to have long lasting and trustworthy relationships with our production partners to ensure forthright communication in both ways.

As many other textile and fashion companies are mainly focusing their production to more industrialized countries, we want to manufacture our products in a more thoughtful and slower way in Nepal. We strongly believe that the exceptional craftmanship of Nepal and the surrounding regions are worth supporting and investing in. By producing our products in Nepal we are also providing important investment and capability development for the local textile industry.

Arela’s head designer Anni Arela visits our partner factory in Nepal regularly to meet the staff in person and also to ensure that the ethical and ecological standards that we have regarding our production are carried out. Our partner factory in Nepal employs around 80 workers which several of them have been working there for over 10 years. The factory is also employing young adults to finance their education for the future.


China (cashmere, undyed natural cashmere)

Some of our coloured cashmere products and all of our undyed Sunday cashmere collection are produced in China. Our partner company has their own yarn spinning mill in Tianjin and their garment manufacturing is located in southern China in a city called Dongguan. Therefore the cashmere yarn and the finished product itself are produced under the same chain setup, which ensures transparency. The spinning mill is producing both undyed, natural cashmere yarn and also a wide colour range of dyed cashmere yarns.

Their spinning factory in Tianjin currently has 220 employees and the spinning factory is operating according to the requirements of the international GOTS-standard which is a certificate to ensure the ecological and social criterias to be followed throughout the entire supply chain all the way from fiber cultivation to the final product. The knitting factory where the products are knitted, linked or stitched into garments, washed and packed is located in Dongguan and currently employs 250 factory workers.

Lithuania (linen)

Every step of our linen production happens in Lithuania. From fiber cultivation to weaving the fabric and sewing the final products we use the same factory located in Panevėžys, in the middle part of Lithuania.

Our partner factory is one of the largest textile producers in Lithuania and also in the Baltic states. This partner company has gained a solid experience in textile manufacturing since establishing the company in 1957 and currently employs over 300 specialists of the field. They are operating according to universally accepted quality standards that are corresponding to OEKO-tex 100 standards.

Estonia (cotton)

All of our cotton basics are produced in Estonia. Our partner company in producing our cotton products is a Norwegian family owned company founded in 2007. Their production is located in Tallinn and Parnu and they currently have 243 employees.

The company has successfully positioned itself as an innovation driver and partner in the development of tomorrow's smart textile solutions. They have ISO 9001 certificate for setting requirements for the international quality management systems standards and ISO 14001 certificate that is the leading certificate for environmental responsibility.