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Our sustainability thinking in a nutshell

  • All products are designed in-house to last long time-wise and style-wise.

  • All materials are chosen to take wear, washing and to be maintainable. We prefer biodegradable, ecologically produced 100% natural fibres.

  • We know all our production partners personally, and meet them work regularly to ensure ethical, ecological production.

  • We strive to produce only for demand, focusing on continuous designs and classics. We do not push our prices down – that would mean compromising our quality or sustainability.

  • We offer knitwear care service for our knits since 2011. After the service knits usually look and feel like new. It also helps show, how long a high-quality knit can last with proper care.

  • We take responsibility of all our knits till the very end. We take back all our knits, no matter the condition. Knits go through our care service and are sold as second hand, or if they have no wear left, the remaining material is used for upcycled products, such as sleep masks.