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Holiday Season

Music and Escapism
with Taika

In this first part of our Holiday Guide, DJ and illustrator Taika Mannila, who is also responsible for our holiday illustrations, shares her best advice for the season. She even has an early Christmas gift for you...

What is your favourite thing during this time of the year?

Because the weather doesn't give you a guilt trip I can Netflix & Chill by myself 24/7 if so inclined.

Your best tip for a stress-free holiday season?

One trick is to escape to the world of Sofia Coppola movies. You can also escape to the Winter Garden, hotel, hotel bar, under the covers or to a museum. Escapism is the key to everything. Right now I'm escaping to Riviera movie theatre in Kallio whenever I can.

Do you use music to reduce stress?

Music is my favourite medicine. Rihanna always works, as does Swedish rnb. Warmly recommended!

What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?

Last year I got a polaroid camera delivered straight to my work as a surprise from a "Secret Satan". My own camera had sadly broken and I was just about to go on vacation. I would like to thank this secret satan once more – I owe them my holiday photos ♡

As an early Christmas gift, Taika has created a playlist for all of you to enjoy.

Listen to it here:
Arela – ♡ Mustn't Hurry

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