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Make your knitwear last longer and looking like new with our care products and services.

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Our continuous collection of lounge wear 
made from undyed 100% cashmere wool

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Winter Picks

For Good

We think that clothes should last – style-wise and time-wise. As we use the best, exquisite natural materials for our clothes, we find it extremely important to take responsibility for our products long after they have left our stores. This is why we created For Good.

For Good is a framework of products, services and events intended to lengthen the life of garments by increasing awareness on materials, clothing maintenance and promoting conversation on the significance of clothing and consumption choices that we make.

It all starts on the design table

Sustainability is the common thread running through all our practices. The choices that are made regarding the durability and pleasantness of the materials, production partners, minimizing waste, usability of the garments and longevity of the styles all make for the overall sustainability of the finished garment. It is about how we listen to our customers to produce clothes they really want, need and use.

Taking care since 2011

Our professional in-house care service is designed to maintain and retrieve the softness, warmth and appearance of your knit. By taking responsibility of our products long after they have left our stores, we aim to bring back the appreciation of well made quality garments. We also guide our customers how to best take care of their knits in daily life.
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We will take it back (if you are ready to part)

As a way of taking responsibility of our knits till the very end, we take back all used Arela knits. When a customer brings her used knit back to our store, they get 20% off of a new (or new-to-her) product. We will take care of the knits, mend them and sell them as second hand, or, if there is no wear left, use the material for new products or for care service mendings in a true closed loop fashion.
[see For Good-products here]

Materials of quality have no fear of time

We choose all our materials on a criteria consisting of its durability, usability, washing requirements, maintainability and recyclability. We prefer pure 100% materials instead of blends, for best maintainability and recyclability. In Sunday collection no yarn dyes are used. We are constantly for new materials to better suit our needs and sustainability criteria. [read more about our materials here]

Recycled, reused, reloved

The natural materials used for our garments is precious, and it is of utmost importance to us that it does not go to waste. That is why we re-use the material to mend other garments and to make new products such as sleep masks and custom pieces.

Small things matter

Traditional webshop packages produce loads of waste. We ship all our webshop orders in reusable RePack packages, with no extra cost for the customer. We aim to encourage discussion on sustainability in the industry, arrange events on sustainable clothing, and consult other businesses in sustainable practices.
We price our products responsibly, not pushing the prices below the cost that ensures we can produce them sustainably, ethically, and keep our quality intact.


New Season

Autumn-Winter 2018

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The T

The ultimate wardrobe Staple in three forms and six colours

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The classic perfectly fitting t-shirt for women


A roomier fit
 for men and women

A new, simple and elegant
T-shirt dress

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We now ship our international orders with DHL Express for fast and smooth delivery. All orders are packed in reusable RePacks. As always, shipping is free on orders over 350€.

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